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The Nubbins Quarries

Quarry: 768

Laterally extensive series of old quarry faces in the Bromsgrove Sandstone Formation. Site demonstrated cross-bedding within the formation, and includes several faults with little displacement.

St Peter’s Church, Martley

Building: 889

Pre 1150, chancel rebuilt early 13th century, chantry built c.1315, sandstone ashlar, plain tiled roof, 1875 & 1884 additions, restored 1909 by Sir Charles Nicholson.

Littlebridge House

Building: 7593

Large late 19th century stone house, rock-faced, square bay windows, seven bays.

Wall of Feathers hotel stable block, Ledbury

Building: 6960

The rear of the old stable block (now a leisure spa) is west-facing and abuts a public carpark where a 7m high stone wall is visible. The age of the stable block is unknown, but by the early 19th c...

Dog Hill Wood Quarry

Quarry: 613

Disused quarry in Aymestry Limestone approx 15m deep and 20m wide, overgrown and partly filled in but with exposures at the West and East ends. Beds dipping very steeply to the west (measured as 01...