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Old Chapel, Brockhampton-by-Bromyard

Building: 5193

Ruined Chapel (dedication unknown). Walls of local sandstone rubble and much tufa, dressings of same material. Chancel and nave without structural division date from C12. Probably disused since 179...

Park Cottage, Bringsty Common

Building: 7175

Stone house with stone barn/cowhouse

Lion Cottages, Bringsty Common

Building: 7177

Double stone building

Hollybank Cottage, Bromyard

Building: 7181

Two storey stone cottage

Brockhampton Lodge, Bromyard

Building: 7182

Single storey ashlar stone temple like building with four Tuscan columns

Brockhampton House, Brockhampton, Bromyard

Building: 7184

Brick mansion, moulded stone cornice

Keepers Cottage, Brockhampton, Bromyard

Building: 7185

Two storey stone built house attached to other Mews buildings

Brockhampton Mews, Brockhampton, Bromyard

Building: 7186

Various stables and other estate buildings, some with stone bases to brick upper parts

Brockhampton Park, Bromyard

Building: 7187

High mortared wall, large shaped coping stones

1 Greenfields Cottage, Brockhampton, Bromyard

Building: 7188

Originally one of pair of farm cottages, two and one storey stone
Barn wood on stone base