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Barn opp. Stonewell Cottage

Building: 48

Single storey simple stone barn, in roughly coursed, slabby, grey siltstone and fine sandstone. Very eroded along laminations within blocks and mortar between blocks. A good example of the type of ...

Brook House lodge

Building: 624

Converted barn. Brick window surrounds. Mainly limestone. Bits of igneous and sandstone.

Phineas Jackson School, Bromyard

Building: 2976

Vicar of Bromyard, Phineas Jackson (died 1681) left instructions in his will, for the building of a school house for poor children and a school dame was to be appointed to teach thme to "read, knit...

Windsor Cottages

Building: 5353

Two dwellings, Nos. 1 & 2.

Keepers Lodge, Pearl Lake Leisure Park, Shobdon

Building: 5354

Substantial stone house.

Decoy Cottage

Building: 5514

(1) house is principally of stone from the Whitcliffe Formation (Upper Whitcliffe Beds).

(2) repairs to lower part of south wall are of stronger siltstone, quite possibly Silurian stone imported f...

St Michael & All Angels Church Tower, Ledbury

Building: 6974

The C13 church tower is built of local stone, having walls mainly of yellowish Downton Castle Sandstone with buttresses and door surrounds of variegated white and red Old Red Sandstones. The walls ...

Ha-ha, Croft Castle

Building: 7462

Ha-ha wall built to form a boundary between the castle gardens and grounds. Constructed so as to be invisible from the house, ensuring a clear view across the parkland. Ha-ha wall is about 400mrun...

Haywood Spring Quarry

Quarry: 8

A very large quarry within the Raglan Mudstone Formation, with bedding ranging from 3-20cm. The rock slopes at an angle of 16 towards the south-east. It is 15m deep by 10m wide by 6.8m high. The sm...

Shucknall Quarry

Quarry: 60

A quarry in the Ludlow Shales. Marked on the OS County Series: Herefordshire 1:2500 1886 'Old Quarry'. Probably just for local use.