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Crown Inn, Woolhope

Building: 5821

East facing wall, including chimney, has stone exposed.

Garden Wall, Old Vicarage, Woolhope

Building: 5822

3m high wall, extending west from the Old Vicarage for ~200m along the Woolhope Road.

Barn, Terrace Farm, Woolhope

Building: 5823

Barn within Terrace Farm complex. 90% grey Woolhope limestone with additions- window frame- in brick.

Kidley Coppice

Quarry: 557

Overgrown limestone quarry, northern edge of Mordiford- Woolhope road.


Quarry: 558

Outcrop is North facing, striking E-W for 30m and 5-7m height. Base of cliff has 0.1-0.3m massive limestone, weathered yellow. Overlain by 1m sequence of alternating shale and 0.1m limestone beds. ...