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Three Elms Quarry

Quarry: 41

A Sandstone Quarry in Raglan Mudstone.

Withington Quarries

Quarry: 397

Brownish grey mottled, coarse grained sandstone

Swardon Quarry

Quarry: 562

Quarry face on northern edge of car park. Moderately weathered, grey calcareous siltstone. Upper Ludlow Shales.

Leabrink Quarry

Quarry: 565

Overgrown and partially filled, no visible bedrock. Soil- red/brown, indicative of underlying O.R.S.

Leabrink Quarry South

Quarry: 566

No visible bedrock, overgrown and partially infilled. Red/brown soil, and red sst float material indicate O.R.S.

Capler Camp Quarry

Quarry: 567

Overgrown, no visible bedrock. Red soil, indicative of underlying O.R.S.


Quarry: 696

Marked on OS 6" map 1900s as Quarry Plantation . King John hunted in Haywood Forest while staying at Hereford Castle in 1211,1213 and 1214.Timber and stone for work on Hereford Castle in 1239-40 (H...