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Windsor Memorial Cross in St Laurence’s Churchyard

Building: 2

Memorial cross to the sons of Baroness Windsor of Hewell Grange by William Butterfield, Gothic revival style, inscriptions

Churchyard Cross to St Laurence’s Church

Building: 3

Square plan, one step, octagonal cross shaft, ashlar, C19 repairs

War Memorial to west of St James’ Church

Building: 160

Sandstone, 3 stepped octagonal base, plinth, tapering shaft and cross, 4 copper alloy tablets with inscription on the plinth, dates carved on a shield with a wreath around it, 46 names, WW1. Desig...

South Transept Altar

Building: 300

Altar Stone at South Transept Stone: Purbeck Marble, Lithology: Limestone

Font, Hereford Cathedral

Building: 301

Norman font with white sandstone bowl, yellow base of bowl is oolitic limestone. This rests on mosaic floor of coloured tiles. This rests on Old Red Sandstone plinth.

Tomb of Bishop Lewis Charlton

Building: 302

Limestone effigy in south east transept. Bishop Charlton died 1369. Hands and face chiselled off. Sandstone tomb chest has been renewed.Jurassic oolitic limestone, purple sandstone Stone: Limestone...

Tomb of Iacobus Atlay, Hereford Cathedral

Building: 303

Bishop Atlay died 1894, Free-standing tomb chest of veined marble and limestone on a veined black marble plinth; recumbent alabaster effigy .Ornate brown marble, Limestone, Alabaster Stone: Limesto...

Shrine of St Thomas Cantilupe, Hereford Cathedral

Building: 304

Shrine of Bishop later St Thomas Cantilupe, erected probably for his burial in 1287. Sandstone tomb chest, on the top a Purbeck slab.Sandstone on white limestone, on fossiliferous grey limestone St...

War Memorial, Hereford

Building: 314

War memorial c.1922, restored 1988, modelled on an Eleanor Cross. Octagonal memorial in form of Eleanor Cross, with Perpendicular style lantern and finials. Military insignia; civic arms; figures r...

Venn’s Arch, Hereford

Building: 340

Entrance arch (to graveyard). Late C19. Ashlar sandstone. Steps to central arch with ornamental iron gates and "Dutch gable" with pediment, flanked by matching railings on ashlar walls; pillars orn...