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Hereford City Walls, Victoria Street

Building: 288

Remains of medieval city walls. C12th or C13th, built of large rough-hewn blocks of sandstone with a round bastion at the north end. Walls appear on the current Heritage at Risk Register (English H...

Wye Bridge, Hereford

Building: 289

Originally built 1490 but repaired many times since and widened in 1826 which makes the earlier masonry difficult to see. Four of the six arches are original.One span destroyed during the Civil Was...

Left Bank, Hereford

Building: 290

Faced with Jurassic ooilitic limestone, Bath Stone with a footing of fine grey limestone. Roofed in copper.
The building's architects say "The site for this development is as sensitive as could be...

Hereford Museum

Building: 293

Victorian Gothic with a resemblance to Natural History Museums at London and Oxford. A variety of stones all from relatively distant are used, creating a variegated appearance - blue-grey sandstone...

Hereford Cathedral

Building: 298

Cathedral Church of St Mary the Virgin and St Ethelbert the King. Built 1107-48 including nave, aisles and west front. Addition of tower over westernmost bay of the nave c1300-10 and north and sout...

New Library Building, Hereford Cathedral

Building: 299

Constructed to house the Chained Library and Mappa Mundi. Opened in 1996. Stone: Millstone Grit, Lithology: Sandstone, Coarse-Grained

South Transept Altar

Building: 300

Altar Stone at South Transept Stone: Purbeck Marble, Lithology: Limestone

Font, Hereford Cathedral

Building: 301

Norman font with white sandstone bowl, yellow base of bowl is oolitic limestone. This rests on mosaic floor of coloured tiles. This rests on Old Red Sandstone plinth.

Tomb of Bishop Lewis Charlton

Building: 302

Limestone effigy in south east transept. Bishop Charlton died 1369. Hands and face chiselled off. Sandstone tomb chest has been renewed.Jurassic oolitic limestone, purple sandstone Stone: Limestone...

Tomb of Iacobus Atlay, Hereford Cathedral

Building: 303

Bishop Atlay died 1894, Free-standing tomb chest of veined marble and limestone on a veined black marble plinth; recumbent alabaster effigy .Ornate brown marble, Limestone, Alabaster Stone: Limesto...