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Swardon Quarry

Quarry: 562

Quarry face on northern edge of car park. Moderately weathered, grey calcareous siltstone. Upper Ludlow Shales.

Gate Piers & wall to The Dower House

Building: 1435

Gate piers and adjoining walls. Early C17, gate piers restored probably mid- to late C19. Coursed, dressed sandstone rubble with ashlar gate piers. Stone: Bromsgrove Sandstone, Lithology: Sandstone

Middle Green Quarry

Quarry: 564

Poorly exposed, moderately weathered limestone within wood. 125/30S

Paul Pry Pub

Building: 1338

Limestone windows, brick building

Holy Trinity Church, Hereford

Building: 7383

Plain rectangular church built 20 years after the extravagances of High Victorian church architecture.Goodhart-Rendel (1887–1959), English architect, called it "the dullest design I have ever se...

St George’s Church, Woolhope

Building: 5817

Place of worship for >2000 years. Constructed from 'Old Red Sandstone'.

Garden Wall, Old Vicarage, Woolhope

Building: 5822

3m high wall, extending west from the Old Vicarage for ~200m along the Woolhope Road.

Worcester W.H.Smiths

Building: 1333


Worcester Angel Centre

Building: 1339

Limestone windows, brick building