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Derbyshire Stone (Namurian Sandstones)

January 1, 201312:00 pmMay 26, 2016 9:11 am

Very coarse buff, pale orange or pink sandstones from the Namurian age Millstone Grit Formation of Derbyshire. They are often arkosic (have a high proportion of sand grains composed of the mineral feldspar rather than quartz) and are most recognisable by their extremely coarse grained sand and large bed/block heights. The moors between the Derwent […]

New Library Building, Hereford Cathedral

Building: 299

Constructed to house the Chained Library and Mappa Mundi. Opened in 1996. Stone: Millstone Grit, Lithology: Sandstone, Coarse-Grained

Worcester Bridge

Building: 1314

Bridge over River Severn, built 1771-80. Widening and reconstruction was started on 24 April 1931, and was completed on 28 October 1932.

The 1930s reconstruction used Millstone Grit from Darley Da...

War Memorial, Hereford

Building: 314

War memorial c.1922, restored 1988, modelled on an Eleanor Cross. Octagonal memorial in form of Eleanor Cross, with Perpendicular style lantern and finials. Military insignia; civic arms; figures r...