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Bath Stone

January 1, 201512:00 pmMay 26, 2016 8:51 am

Very high quality Jurassic limestone from the Chalfield Oolite Formation quarried in a variety of locations east of Bath. Many of the Bath Stones come from the Bath Oolite Member which is a true freestone, lacking fossils or lamination. The quality of the best Bath Stones is such that they have been mined deep underground. […]

Stories and Stones: Crime and Punishment Walk

June 26, 20162:00 pmMay 25, 2016 4:06 pm

26/06/2016 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm - To book see form at the bottom of the page While taking a leisurely walk around this fine Herefordshire market town and taking in its buildings and sights; Hear about Elizabeth, Maid of Leominster and the sad tale of Eadgifu (Edith) and Sven See the famous ducking stool and hear the story of the stolen chalice [...]

Cotswold Stone

January 1, 201312:00 pmMay 26, 2016 9:00 am

The golden brown to cream stone that typifies Cotswold villages is a Jurassic oolitic limestone and occurs in an outcrop extending from Bath all the way to Lincoln. It is composed of ooids, small spherical or ovoid concretions of calcium carbonate formed in tropical seas far from sources of sediment. Shell fragments and other fossils […]

Portland Stone

January 1, 201312:00 pmMay 26, 2016 9:07 am

This famous Upper Jurassic building stone is one of the most important in the country having been used for iconic buildings including St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Cenotaph. It is easily recognised by its pure white or grey colour – lacking the buff or orange tinges of Bath and Cotswold Stone – and its fine […]

Hidden History of Malvern College

February 15, 20174:46 pmFebruary 15, 2017 4:47 pm

Article by James Ferguson, a volunteer. After Great Malvern Priory, three of the most important stone buildings in Malvern are to be found in Malvern College: The first, the Main Building, is the work of the architect, Charles Hansom, in 1862; the second is the Chapel, by Arthur Blomfield in 1896; and the third, the […]

Rock Types

May 25, 201611:10 amMay 25, 2016 12:20 pm

Bredon Hill Cluster Group Update

March 5, 201511:37 amNovember 16, 2015 4:23 pm

Boo & Rob Vernon and Hazel Edwards Bredon Hill lies totally in Worcestershire and is an outlier of the Jurassic strata that forms the Cotswolds Hills. It is capped by Inferior Oolite limestone, which rests conformably on a sequence of Liassic silts and clays. The limestone forms a steep scarp on its northern crop and […]

YMCA Hostel

Building: 1309

Orphanage; now YMCA hostel. Dated 1868; by William Watkins; extended in 1885, probably also by Watkins; 'The Wheeler Wing' on left is dated 1885. Red brick with Bath stone dressings. Gabled slate...


Building: 804

Late 19th century, Gothic-style, Malvern stone, brick quoins, Bath stone detailing, gabled tiled roof Malvern stone, Bath stone

Former Police Station, Bromyard

Building: 480

Stone with different stone dressings Construction Old Red Sandstonemudstone, probably St. Maughans; dressings oolitic Jurassic "Bath" limestone

Baptist Church, Redditch

Building: 2745

1922-3 by Wills & Son. Leicestershire brick, Bath stone dressing. Perp style. Stone: Bath Stone, Lithology: Limestone

St John the Baptist, Suckley

Building: 867

Built 1876-9 on Geometric Decorated style. Rough faced grey Cradley Stone; Bath stone dressings. Cradley Stone a locally popular band from the Cradley/Ridgway Cross area in Herefordshire. Red-brow...

Bromyard Post Office

Building: 474

Stone dressings and features to brick building Oolitic Jurassic "Bath" limestone.
Built by local builder Bill James.

1 Market Square, Bromyard

Building: 2979

substantial stone lintels to three principal winows Bath?

Royal Well, Colwall

Building: 7370

Malvern Stone with Bath stone dressings

St Godwald, Aston Fields

Building: 2111

Red bromsgrove sandstone ashlar from adjoining field with Bath stone dressings. Clay plain tile roofs with coped gable ends. Victorian Gothic, in a C14 style.
Built in 1883 in the 13th century Ear...

Urn in the Shrubbery, dedicated to visit of George111 Croome Court

Building: 1293

Urn later C18 Bath stone. Square pedestal with stone urn spirally fluted.(listing description last amended in 1968).
dedicated to the visit of George 111 c1773