Cornstone slab in a drystone wall, Linton Lane, Bromyard. The pale grey and yellow pebbles are fragments of calcretes, ripped up and redeposited by flash floods.


January 1, 201312:00 pmMay 26, 2016 9:11 am

A local term for what is termed an intraformational conglomerate (a rock mostly made from pebbles which have been eroded from near the area they are deposited). These are distinctive rocks common within the Old Red Sandstone. They were formed by flash floods ripping up partially solidified mud banks in seasonal rivers and depositing them […]

Outcrop of Quartz Conglomerate Formation , Coppett Hill (courtesy John Stocks)

Quartz Conglomerate

January 1, 201312:00 pmMay 26, 2016 9:07 am

Coarse conglomerates and red sandstones with rounded pebbles of quartz and other lithologies. Likely used in some buildings in Goodrich although difficult to distinguish from a similar layer in the Brownstones which outcrops in Goodrich Castle moat. Also used in some local buildings on Penyard Hill above Ross. Notable use was made of the Quartz […]

Close-up of Haffield Breccia in Haffield House Quarry

Haffield Breccia

January 1, 201312:00 pmMay 26, 2016 9:00 am

Unsorted clast-supported purple-red breccio-conglomerate, weakly cemented; clasts of igneous volcanic and Lower Palaeozoic lithologies. Dug from Haffield House Quarry south of Ledbury and used for Haffield House. Also occurs on Abberley Hill and the Clent Hills (where it is known as Clent Breccia). Browse sites on the database using Haffield Breccia