Central Herefordshire

Berrington Hall - brown sandstone from the Raglan Mudstone, most likely quarried on Shuttocks Hill

Raglan Mudstone

Most of the Raglan Mudstone Formation, which underlies the central plain of Herefordshire, consists of red, purple and green mudstones but beds of sandstone occur too and have been widely used for building stone. Sandstones tend to be micaceous and flaggy with multiple colours in a single bed. More unusually, on Bringsty Common a coarse […]

Very coarse grained sandstone block in wall of Withington Church

Withington Stone

January 1, 201312:00 pmMay 26, 2016 9:08 am

A pale grey to pink and buff coloured sandstone from a bed within the Raglan Mudstone. A medium to coarse grained (unusually coarse in comparison with much of the formation), current bedded sandstone with thin layers of granules (clasts between sand and pebble grade; about 2-4mm diameter) and small pebbles of yellowy quartzite in it. […]