Linton & Gorsley

The parish of Linton Old Gore lies in southern Herefordshire, close to the Gloucestershire border. It is a parish of interesting and contrasting geology. In the east, the village of Gorsley lies upon a Silurian sandstone – the Downton Castle Sandstone. This stone appears to have been used across the village, which is noted for a number of large quarries and the distinctive honey coloured character of the stone buildings. This contrasts strongly with the village of Linton to the west, which lies along a narrow ridge. This ridge is made up of Devonian sandstones, from which the stone in the village appears to have been sourced. The use of Gorsley Stone in a limited area around the quarry imay prove particularly instrucive of the distances over which people were willing to transport stone.

Interactive map of Linton & Gorsley

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